Articles covering the overall structure and XML syntax of CDA and C-CDA documents.
  • Encounters & Participants (16)
    Articles related to encounters, participants, and service events - with emphasis on the role these play in the CDA header, in C-CDA templates, and in MU2.
  • Section Narrative Text (6)
    Articles relating to the section narrative next that is required to be part of every CDA section and reflect (at a minimum) all of the contents of the structured entries within that section.
  • Mixed Content & Whitespace (6)
    Articles relates to the handling of XML "mixed content" (elements with a mixture of sub-element and character data) and "whitespace" (spaces, tabs, line-breaks, etc.) - especially the combination of "whitespace in mixed content" - in CDA documents.
  • Concern Acts (4)
    Articles relating to the two C-CDA "concern act" templates (Problem Concern Act and Allergy Concern Act).
  • Names & Addresses (7)
    Articles relating to the representation of demographic information such as a person's name, address, phone number, etc. in CDA documents.
  • Quantities (3)
    Articles related to the representation of physical quantities in CDA documents.
  • Overall XML Syntax (12)
    Articles covering general XML syntax topics that apply broadly to different parts of CDA and C-CDA documents
  • Dates, Times, & Schedules (19)
    Articles covering topics related to the syntax of date, time, and scheduling representations in CDA and C-CDA documents.
  • Identifiers (8)
    Articles related to the use of identifiers in CDA and C-CDA documents.
  • Codes (9)
    Articles relating to codes, code systems, and encoded representation of concepts in CDA and C-CDA documents.
  • Entities & Roles (20)
    Articles pertaining to entities (people, places, things) and their "roles", as represented in CDA and C-CDA documents.
  • Clinical Act Statements (24)
    Articles related to the representation of clinical "act" statements that are the "heart" of the entries that comprise the CDA (or C-CDA) structured body.
  • No, No Known, & No Info (18)
    Articles pertaining to representation of negated clinical statements) things that didn't happen or conditions that don't exist), missing information, things "not known" to exist, etc. in CDA and C-CDA documents.