The encounterParticipant XML element in the CDA Header, is used to represent the care providers that participated in the primary encounter in which the clinical acts being documented in the CDA document took place.

Understanding encompassingEncounter
encounterParticipant is a sub-element of the encompassingEncounter element – so before continuing with this article, it is recommended that you review the article The encompassingEncounter Element, which explains what is meant by the “primary encounter in which the clinical acts being documented in the CDA document took place”.

That article, in turn, also references Use of encompassingEncounter in C-CDA document templates – which overviews the use of the encompassingEncounter element in all document templates that are part of C-CDA, including the special case of the CCD document template.

The typeCode Attribute of encounterParticipant
The types of care providers that can be represented by the encounterParticipant element are reflected in the list of allowed values that the typeCode attribute can be assigned:

  • “ADM”: The admitting physician/healthcare provider
  • “ATND”: The attending physician/healthcare provider
  • “CON”: A consulting physician/healthcare provider
  • “DIS”: The discharging physician/healthcare provider
  • “REF”: The referring physician/healthcare provider

Of course, multiple encounterParticipant sub-elements can be present within a single encompassingEncounter element, so as to capture all relevant participants.
Other Attributes and Sub-Elements of encounterParticipant
The encounterParticipant supports the three standard sub-elements and one attribute that are common throughout CDA (the realmCode, typeId, and templateId sub-elements, and the nullFlavor attribute – refer to Three common sub-elements (and one attribute) throughout CDA, for details).

In addition, encounterParticipant supports the assignedEntity and time sub-elements to capture details of the participating provider and the time span during which they participated. The use of these two sub-elements is the same as their use in the performer element – refer to The performer element, and in particular to the last two sections of that article titled “The assignedEntity Sub-Element of the performer Element” and “Other Sub-Element of the performer Element”.

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