CDA PRO Lookup is a reference tool created by CDA PRO based on the MDHT model/library for CDA, C-CDA templates, and MU2 C-CDA document types.

Effectively, CDA PRO Lookup combines multiple HL7 and ONC reference guides, specifications, and materials into one interactive tool that is XML-centric and easy to search and navigate.

What Can You Do With CDA PRO Lookup?
With CDA PRO Lookup you can quickly find (by name or ID – or even part of the name) any C-CDA template or MU2 document type and see what templates use the template you are interested in, and which templates it uses.

Then, you can zoom-in on any template and view its complete XML syntax in a “hierarchy” starting with the top-most XML element to which that template is applied. The XML hierarchy of the template is complete – regardless of whether that syntax is derived from MU2 specifications (such as the S&I Framework Companion Guide), the C-CDA implementation guide, the CDA specification, or the underlying HL7 v3 model. It’s the complete XML syntax, not just limited to what the C-CDA implementation guide explicitly calls out.

You can also search for any CDA or C-CDA XML element or attribute name (including partial letters of the name) and find out in which templates (and MU2 document types) it appears – and then view it in its “XML hierarchy” in the context of a specific template.

For each XML element in C-CDA, you can see its attributes, CDA and C-CDA conformance rules/requirements in a given template, and more. And you have in-context access to all of the material on the CDA PRO web site (including all CDA PRO Know articles) linked to the specific template, element, and attribute you are viewing at any time.

CDA PRO Lookup is Not an Official Reference – Just a Practical One
CDA PRO Lookup is not an officially sanctioned tool or reference and thus it’s not a substitute for those materials from HL7 and ONC. It is, we hope, a very practical and useful “first stop” for implementation work when seeking information about any template, XML element, XML attribute, etc. used in C-CDA templates and MU2 document types.

Behind The Scenes
Those experienced with MDHT, can think of CDA PRO Lookup as an “MDHT model browser” with many advanced visualization, search and navigation capabilities – and integrated context-sensitive links to additional CDA PRO material.

It’s Easier to Use Than Explain
The best way to learn about what CDA PRO Lookup is all about is to try it out! Refer to CDA PRO Lookup overview, to get an overview of the application and get started.

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