As noted in the article What is the role of C-CDA in MU2?, there are seven C-CDA document types – referred to as “MU2 summary types” in the S&I Framework C-CDA Companion Guide (“Companion Gude”) – that support MU2 requirement scenarios where C-CDA documents are mandated.

They are summarized in the table below, taken from the Companion Guide:

The first three document types shown above have two flavors each – one for inpatient and one for ambulatory – so there are a total of seven MU2 document types.

MU2 Document Types vs. C-CDA Document Templates
The relationship between the MU2 C-CDA document types and C-CDA document templates, is a bit subtle. The seven MU2 document types don’t correspond directly to any of the document templates defined in C-CDA. Refer to the article Does MU2 define C-CDA document templates? for more information.

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