C-CDA is a CDA-derived standard that is published as a CDA Implementation Guide.

C-CDA is the most widely used CDA Implementation Guide, due to the fact that it is mandated by the “Meaningful Use” requirements of the US Government’s EHR Incentive Programs.

C-CDA stands for “Consolidated CDA” – a name that doesn’t say much about what it is (it reflects the history of the standard, which was a “consolidation” of various standards that existed at the time it was created).

The CDA document types (document templates) defined in C-CDA are:

  • Continuity of Care Document (CCD)
  • Consultation Note
  • Diagnostic Imaging Report
  • Discharge Summary
  • History and Physical Note
  • Operative Note
  • Procedure Note
  • Progress Note
  • Unstructured Document

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