CCD stands for Continuity of Care Document. It is a CDA document template that is used to provide a clinical summary for a patient in support of transitions of care.

CCD and Meaningful Use 2011 Edition
CCD was the only form of CDA document that was referenced in the 2011 Edition of the US Government Meaningful Use regulations.

That older version of CCD is sometimes referred to as the “C32 CCD” because the HITSP C32 standard (among several others) was used to define the content of the CCD that was required for Meaningful Use Stage One in the 2011 Edition.

Note that the 2011 Edition of Meaningful Use pre-dates the introduction of C-CDA (Consolidated CDA).

CCD is now one of nine document templates that is part of the C-CDA CDA Implementation Guide. This newer version of CCD, often termed “C-CDA CCD”, is arguably still the most popular CDA document.

However, with the release of the 2014 Edition of Meaningful Use and the introduction of Meaningful Use Stage Two, the formal role of CCD is diminished.

The 2014 Edition of Meaningful Use doesn’t call for the use of CCD or any other C-CDA document template. Instead, 2014 Edition Meaningful Use mandates the use of C-CDA document types that it defines.

Each of those document types must adhere to the US Realm Header template of C-CDA, and then include the C-CDA section templates required. The use of a C-CDA document template is allowed, but optional. Refer to the article Does MU2 define C-CDA document templates?, for more information.

Thus, the CCD document template no longer has to be used for Meaningful Use in the 2014 Edition nor does it, on its own, meet the requirements for any of the Meaningful Use C-CDA document types.

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