Model Driven Health Tools (MDHT) is, in the words of its website: “a wide-ranging open source effort to promote interoperability in healthcare infrastructure. It promotes shared artifacts between related healthcare standards and standards development organizations, and works to develop localized specifications. It also delivers a common modeling framework and tools that support seamless integration of design, publication, and runtime artifact creation.”

The open-source libraries of MDHT are at the forefront of practical implementation work with MU2 C-CDA documents. They provide software developers with the ability to read and write valid MU2 C-CDA documents (as well as other CDA documents).

The MDHT libraries are the “engine” of the US Government TTT Validator that is used to validate C-CDA documents in the context of Meaningful Use certification testing.

CDA PRO uses the MDHT libraries to deliver CDA PRO Lookup and we intend to use it for many of the tools we plan to deliver in the future.

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