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CDA PRO Lookup is based on the modelling engine of Open Health Tools’ MDHT project.

We at CDA PRO would like to thank some of the people who have contributed their input and guidance, as well as helping to educate us. They are all recognized leaders in the healthcare standards community. We look forward to their continued support and guidance.

Lisa Nelson: Lisa has been a true partner of CDA PRO since the concept first surfaced. She has been a teacher, critical editor, contributor, and the source of many great ideas. You can learn more about Lisa’s many initiatives and activities on her web site.

Sean Muir: Customized extensions to MDHT for CDA PRO Lookup were developed by Sean under contract to CDA PRO. Most of what we know about MDHT, we’ve learned from Sean.

Brett Marquard: Brett led the HL7 Structured Documents Workgroup durin the period when CDA PRO was launched and rapidly growing – he has been a frequent source of excellent review, guidance and information. You can learn more about Brett’s activities on his River Rock Associates web site.

Grahame Grieve: Grahame is best known for his pioneering work and subsequent stewardship and leadership on the evolving FHIR standard. Yet he also somehow managed to find time to help educate and guide CDA PRO content as well. You can follow Grahame on his Health Intersections blog.

Lloyd McKenzie: Lloyd is also very active in FHIR and has been a primary authority for validating and correcting some of the material in CDA PRO. The material on CDA PRO that we are most confident about in terms of correctness, is that which has been reviewed by Lloyd.

Keith Boone: Keith’s blog and his book were part of the inspiration for this site.

Many others members of the HL7 “structured documents” mailing list community contributed expertise and support. They include (in alphabetical order): Nagesh Bashyam (“Dragon”), Kevin Coonan, John D’Amore, Benjamin Flessner, Kate Hamilton, Gaby Jewell, Tom de Jong, Patrick Lloyd, Josh Mandel, Andrew McCaffrey, Kumara Prathipati, Wendy Scharber, Matthew Spielman, David Tao, and Mead Walker (all in alphabetical order). All (and many others) have helped educate, review/correct, and otherwise have contributed directly or indirectly to the content on CDA PRO.