CDA PRO History – A Personal Perspective

I was introduced to the Healthcare IT and healthcare data interoperability at dbMotion – where I led the product organization. After leaving dbMotion (acquired by Allscripts in early 2013), I set out to create a new company focused on document-based clinical information exchange.

Looking to establish expertise in the key healthcare document interoperability standards mandated by the US Government as part of Meaningful Use, I found a significant gap between the group of experienced “insiders and experts” who were very knowledgeable about HL7 standards, and the emerging community of “users” of the standards. 

In the summer of 2013, CDA and C-CDA. I had some ideas of my own about what the “CDA user community” needs, and will need, as it grows…and thus CDA PRO was born.

CDA PRO 2014 – The Sprint

CDA PRO was conceived in late 2013 and launched in early 2014. For nearly a year, it benefited from a lot of attention and investment of both myself and my senior technology partner, Assaf Levi.

Over 200 knowledge base articles were written, tens of eLearning videos were recorded, and hundreds of hours of development were invested in CDA PRO Lookup.

In March 2014, Keith Boone recognized the work on CDA PRO on his popular “Motorcycle Guy” blog and, in general, the community of HL7 and ONC experts, standards-makers, and industry leaders was very supportive.

CDA PRO 2014 – Slowing Down

2014 proved to be a challenging year for the CDA community with starts and stops around CDA version 3.0 and 2.1, C-CDA 2.0, the 2015 Edition of Meaningful Use, and more. Though MU2 mandates the use of C-CDA, questions surfaced about the future of C-CDA relative to the FHIR standard under development.

As I outlined in the “vision statement” published on this site when CDA PRO was first announced, in parallel to founding CDA PRO, I remained committed to seeing through my vision for a new company focused on patient-centric clinical document exchange. In August 2014, Carebox Healthcare Solutions was officially started and funded.

In the latter part of 2014, activity on CDA PRO slowed down significantly.

Next Steps for CDA PRO

It remains to be seen what 2015 will bring for CDA PRO. I’m writing this CDA PRO History as part of a comprehensive facelift and streamlining effort to help prepare CDA PRO for 2015.

We will be focusing CDA PRO on its most valuable features – the Knowledge Base and the CDA PRO Lookup tool – based on the lessons we learned about what was most popular and effective, and my sense of what is need most in the months ahead. Refer to CDA PRO 2015 for more information about what is new in CDA PRO for 2015.

Although Carebox is more than a full-time occupation for both Assaf and me, CDA PRO remains near and dear, and I hope in 2015 to keep it relevant and expand its content as much as possible…

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