Note: The information on this page is intended for those who have used CDA PRO before January 1, 2015. Others will likely find it more useful learn about CDA PRO from the About CDA PRO page and the the CDA PRO History page.

Focusing On Only Two Core Modules

In 2014, CDA PRO had three primary modules. Based on usage patterns and feedback from our user community, we’ve decided to focus on two modules: the CDA PRO Knowledge Base (formerly referred to as “CDA PRO Know”) and the CDA PRO Lookup reference tool.

The video library of recorded presentations (referred to as CDA PRO Learn) was well-liked by a small group of users but well less than 10% of CDA PRO visitors used it. Both the production and maintenance of these videos was very time-consuming, and many had become “dated” or otherwise in need of corrections/improvements. The cost/benefit analysis of refreshing the library did not justify the project. If there is demand to refresh and bring back selected introductory videos (these were the most popular), we will re-evaluate this decision later in the year.

Note that we are moving away from the term “CDA PRO Know” in favor of the more descriptive “CDA PRO Knowledge Base” – though there are probably still a few legacy references to “CDA PRO Know” that we will clean up in time.

A Single News Feed

We create two news feeds for CDA PRO. The first contained all published articles and the second was intended for those who only wanted updates about CDA PRO overall, and not the technical content about CDA, C-CDA, MU2. Nearly everyone subscribed to the first feed, so it is now the only feed.

A New Home Page

CDA PRO now has a more modern home page. The Knowledge Base search box is displayed prominently on the home page – as that is the most common activity of those who visit the site (as opposed to just linking directly to a specific article).

What’s Ahead for CDA PRO?

The future is always challenging to forecast. Part of the future of CDA PRO depends on the path that the CDA and C-CDA standards take in the market. 2015 should be an interesting year in which MU2-certified Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Patient Portals that use C-CDA become much more prevalent. There is no shortage of debate and varying forecasts about the future of MU2 and the future phases of Meaningful Use. Another factor is the much-discussed evolution from CDA to the newer FHIR standard and what pace and form that future transition might take.

As always, the evolution of CDA PRO will be tied to market demand for its content and feedback from our user community (the FEEDBACK tab in the upper-left is always just a click away…).